Single Use Instruments

We design and manufacture high quality single-use micro-surgical instruments for ophthalmic procedures.


The goal of our design process is to produce high quality single use instruments with an exceptional price/performance ratio. This unique concept clears away the supposed contradictoriness of precision and single use. There are numerous advantages associated with the application of single use instrumentation:

  • Efficient utilization and safety
  • Logistical cost efficiency
  • Guaranteed performance and sterility

We manufacture single use forceps, hooks, manipulators, choppers, speculums.

Packs and Accessories

In addition to the various individual items, the product range also comprises a comprehensive offering of procedure packs for all ophthalmic interventions. We produce customized procedure packs as per individual requirements and take care of logistic services. The packs may be complemented by special accessory products.

By using procedure packs, a variety of benefits can be achieved in the operating theatre, such as optimized material usage, reduced administration cost, timesaving effect, and frictionless workflow.

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Single Use instruments should be manufactured in a different way than reusable instruments.

Traditional manufacturing processes of reusable instruments of the past decades are labour intensive, highly dependent on specialists and require large amount of expensive raw material such as medical grade stanless steel.

Todays requirements for single use instrument manufacturing are different: mass production, low manufacturing costs, automated processes, high consistency, high level of labour independence. This cannot be achieved through traditional manufacturing technologies.

GEMMA Medical controls the entire production process, including sterilization. Based on this philosophy, we can ensure the highest levels of performance, quality, consistency and product safety.

Gemma Medical introduces new manufacturing technologies for ophthalmic microsurgical instruments:

  • The metal-components of the instrument tips are manufactured through an innovative and proprietary production technology.
  • The ergonomic plastic handles were designed to fulfill the highest requirements of precision instruments.
  • The instruments are sterilized through Ethylene Oxide Sterilization (ETO).
  • Every single instrument undergoes full inspection to ensure optimum quality.
  • Intelligent production technology is used for assembling, finish and sterile packaging.