Intraocular Lenses

We manufacture best in class
hydrophobic acrylic Intraocular Lenses
for cataract surgery.


The quality standard of the optical implant is defined by both, the high grade of acrylic material used and the manufacturing technology employed. Crystal clear optic without glistenings, high Abbe number, low chromatic aberration, high compressibility for small incisions – all of these are common standards for Gemma Medical.

Features of our Intraocular Lenses:
  • High image quality through reduced chromatic aberration – high Abbe number
  • Good contrast vision even under mesopic condition through aspherical optimized optic design
  • Optimized visual outcome through top quality material
  • Increased protection against PCO through 360° spherical double square edge
  • Perfect optical results and achievement of high target refractions
The range of models:
  • Basis V IOL, hydrophobic, clear and yellow, B5AD00 and B5ADY0
  • Basis V IOL, preloaded, hydrophobic, clear and yellow, B5AB00 and B5ABY0
  • Basis V IOL, toric, preloaded, hydrophobic, yellow, B5TBY0


The Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) are manufactured through a proprietary cryo-mold lathing process. Aspherical surfaces of the IOL optic enhance contrast sensitivity.

The high quality acrylic raw material comes from one of the finest sources in the USA.

Diatec GmbH of Pforzheim/Germany, a Gemma Medical sister company, designs and manufactures top class diamond tools for Intraocular Lens production of an ultra high precision standard.

The Preloaded Injector system for the hydrophobic acrylic Intraocular Lenses come from Medicel, Switzerland.

We are dedicated to manufacturing top class products to achieve our goal – making people see better.

Our Manufacturing Partners: